Agmatine Sulfate

Product name: agmatine sulfate
CAS: 42131-25-9
Shelf life: 2 Years
MOQ: 1kg

Manufacturer Price Pharmaceutical Grade Sport Supplement Agmatine

Agmatine sulfate (4-aminobutyl) guanidine sulfate; 1-amino-4-guanidinobutane) is a byproduct of arginine through the process of decarboxylation. this changes the nature of the amino acid, and allows agmatine to be a jack of all trades.

Agmatine Sulfate is a compound produced in the human body through the process in which l-arginine is decarboxylated and turned into Agmatine.
Agmatine sulfate can help athletes in a myriad of ways. Agmatine has been suggested to assist with numerous athletic needs, including pre-workout training and post-workout recovery. 


 Product Name:  Agmatine Sulfate
 Test:   HPLC
 Spec./Purity:   99%
 Appearance:   White to off-white powder
 CAS No.:  42131-25-9
 Type:  Amino Acids
 Shelf Life:  2 Years

Product Function  

1.Enhanced insulin production leading to better insulin response.

2.May assist with relief of anxiety leading to reduced cortisol levels.

3.Supports nitric oxide production.

4.Supports nutrient delivery to muscles.

5.Acts in antioxidant function by providing support against free radical damage.

6.Assists with stimulating the release of pituitary hormones such as luteinizing hormone (LH) and growth hormone.

7.May help to support heart; brain and vasculature function. 8.Promotes a healthy and positive mood.


Product Application  

There are two crucial benefits of agmatine sulfate for the bodybuilder.

Primarily, the gym-goer is interested in the support of nitric oxide production. agmatine is a support system of nitric oxide production-much like a necessary spotter for that 1 rep max bench press-by assisting the production of optimal levels of no.

The second way agmatine is that it acts as an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase-an enzyme which prevents the production of no. 
With this two way, nitric oxide levels can be peaked for optimal athletic performance.


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