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Aristoflex AVC Powder

Appearance:White Powder
Usage:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Documents available:COA

  About Aristoflex AVC:

           Aristoflex® AVC can be used to prepare O/W emulsions in both hot and cold process. Aristoflex® AVC
is typically added to the oil phase (comprising emollient and emulsifier), slight agitation facilitates dispersion.
Any small aggregates can be broken up easily with gentle stirring. The mixing reactor should be completely
dry of moisture to prevent the polymer from migrating prematurely to any water already present and becoming

Product Name Aristoflex AVC
Appearance White Powder
Specification 92.00 %
Water 7%
pH value (1% in dist. water) 4.0-6.0

Aristoflex® AVC is a synthetic polymer used as gelling agent for aqueous systems and as texturizer, thickener for oil-in-water emulsions. The polymer is preneutralized, easy to use and provides formulations with excellent yield value, corresponding to superior stability even in the absence of additional emulsifier. Emulsions formulated with Aristoflex® AVC provide favorable shear thinning effects and viscoelastic properties. Besides the rheological aspects, excellent sensory properties (good skin feel, low degree of stickiness and/or tackiness) characterize formulations comprising Aristoflex® AVC. Based on a polymer backbone derived from sulfonic acid, O/W emulsions can be formulated even at low pH, enabling easy incorporation of e.g. AHA’s. Aristoflex® AVC has a good compatibility with organic solvents (ethanol, acetone) and is stable towards UV radiation and high shear stress. The amount of Aristoflex® AVC used in personal care formulations is typically in the range of 0.5



Good stabilization, thickening properties 
Fresh and light skin feel
Compatible with organic solvents
Compatible with silicones



Oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions
Clear aqueous gels
Emulsifier-free cream gels
Ideal for creams, lotions, milks, gels





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