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Production Process | Sclerotium Gum Powder

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Production Process of Sclerotium Gum
  1. Crude product preparation: the Sclerotium sclerotium fermentation broth is precipitated with ethanol, which is the crude Sclerotium sclerotium gum;
  2. Protein denaturation: dissolve the crude sclerotin gum into a solution and heat it;
  3. Activated carbon adsorption: adjust the pH of the solution in step (2) to 5.0-7.0, add activated carbon to adsorb for 0.5-2h, adjust the pH again to above 8.0 and filter to obtain the supernatant;
  4. Alcohol precipitation: adjust the pH of the supernatant of step (3) to 5.0-7.0, and add ethanol to obtain microsclerotia gum fibrous precipitate;
  5. Drying: The fibrous precipitate of Sclerotium sclerotium is dried in vacuum to obtain Sclerotium sclerotium powder.
  1. In the step (1) the viscosity of the fermentation broth of Sclerotium sclerotium 10000 mPa.s.
  2. In the step (2), the concentration of Sclerotium sclerotium in the solution is 0.25-1% (w/v); the heating temperature is 85-95° C., and the temperature is maintained for 10-30 min.
  3. In the step (3), the amount of activated carbon is 0.5-1.5% (w/v); the adsorption temperature is 55-70°C, and the time is 0.5-2h; the pH value is adjusted to 5.0-7.0 before adsorption, and the pH value is adjusted after adsorption Above 8.0.
  4. The pH value after adjustment in the step (4) is 5.0-7.0.
  5. In the steps (1) and (4), the ethanol concentration is 90-100% (v/v), and the amount of ethanol is 1.5-2 times the volume of the solution.
  6. In the step (5), the drying temperature is 60-65°C; the whiteness of the sclerotium powder is more than 80%, the viscosity of its 1% solution is 1500-2500 mPa.s, and the light transmittance is more than 90%.
The fermentation broth of Sclerotium in the step (1) is produced by the following steps:

  1. Strain activation: inoculate Sclerotium sclerotium in a slant medium, and cultivate for 2-3 days at a constant temperature.
  2. Preparation of seed culture solution: Rinse the cultivated strain slope with sterile water to obtain a Sclerotium sclerotium suspension; connect the suspension to the liquid culture medium and shake it, and then shake it in a constant temperature shaker for 2-3 days. Obtain seed culture solution.
  3. Fermentation broth preparation: inoculate the seed culture broth into the liquid culture medium, culture for 3-7 days under aeration and constant temperature stirring, control the pH value during the fermentation process, intermittently supplement sugar, and obtain the Sclerotium fermented broth at the end of the fermentation.
  1. The medium contains 20-50 g/L glucose, 1 g/L yeast extract, 2-4 g/L sodium nitrate, 0.5-2 g/L potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.3-1 g/L magnesium sulfate, pH The value is 4.0-5.0.
  2. The culture temperature is 28±2°C; the inoculum amount is 5-10% (v/v).
  3. The rotating speed of the shaker is 200 rpm.
  4. The volume of the 5L fermenter is 4L, the fermentation culture stirring speed is 200-300rpm, the aeration rate is 4L/min, and the pH value is 4.0-6.0.
A use of the Sclerotium produced by the above method in the preparation of anti-oxidant cosmetics and foods.


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