Azelaic Acid

Item No.: Azelaic Acid
Chemical Name:  Azelaic Acid
CAS No.:  123-99-9
Appearance:  White Powder
Molecular Fomula:  C9H16O4

Product Description

Azelaic acid inhibits or kills anaerobic and aerobic bacteria on the skin. In vivo test shows that topical application of azelaic acid cream for 2 to 3 months can significantly reduce the number of bacteria in the skin and Propionibacterium in the hair follicle, indicating that this product has direct antibacterial effect. In addition, topical application of azelaic acid reduces the composition of free fatty acids and lipids on the skin surface. It shows anti-keratinization effect on the skin of normal people or acne patients, and its principle of action is mainly due to reducing the synthesis of filamentous keratin, thereby reducing the hyperkeratosis of hair follicles. Azelaic acid selectively acts on abnormal melanocytes and inhibits their overactivity. Therefore, topical application of azelaic acid for a long time can reduce the production of skin melanin in patients with age spots. Azelaic acid also has anti-cell proliferation and anti-cytotoxic effects, and its principle of action is mainly through the destruction of mitochondrial respiratory pathways and cellular DNA synthesis.

Product Name Azelaic Acid
Appearance White Powder 
Specification 99%
CAS 123-99-9
Package 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 25kg/drum
Sample Available
Storage Dry Place
Shelf life 2 Years

Product Function

1. Can be used for freckle and acne removal at the same time

2. It can be used in cosmetics and medicines at the same time.

3. It has excellent functionality (as a raw material for freckle and acne removal in the authoritative dermatological pharmacopoeia), but it has very good safety.

4. The whitening effect of ordinary skin is not very obvious, but it has a very obvious effect on severe pigmentation, such as freckles, chloasma, melanosis, etc.

5. Very stable (no unsaturated double bonds in the molecular structure), different from general functional raw materials

Azelaic acid,  has a chemical structure of HOOC(CH2)7COOH, which is a naturally occurring saturated dicarboxylic acid containing nine carbon atoms.

Product Application

1. Dissolving, dispersing and adding concentration

The biggest inconvenience in application of azelaic acid is that it is insoluble in water and oil under normal conditions. In the past medical applications of azelaic acid were dispersed in the emulsification system with a concentration ratio of 10-20%, which was basically completely insoluble, which was not conducive to the full play of the effect of azelaic acid, and also made the emulsion rough and not delicate. At present, there are cosolvents with very high safety and good solubility, cosol, and the solubility is greatly increased by dozens to hundreds of times. There is no detailed medical clinical report on how much the increase in solubility improves the effect. In the past, it was mostly used in the concentration of 15-20% for acne, and 10-20% in clinical medicine for freckle removal; there are also low-concentration applications (Allergan 1% lotion in the United States). Due to the use of solubilizing and synergistic agents, the solubility is greatly improved. At the same time, because a variety of compound synergies are often used in cosmetic freckle removal, it can be used at a concentration of about 2-5%; the concentration of acne removal can be used at about 4-10%. The optimal addition amount of azelaic acid needs to be explored in application.​​

2. Irritability and pH

The irritation of azelaic acid was felt in the past, mainly because the purity of azelaic acid was not high (usually 90%) and the pH value was not adjusted. Azelaic acid is slightly soluble in water, with a pH value of about 3.6. For acne removal, there is a certain tingling sensation due to skin trauma. It is best to adjust the pH value to about 5.5; for acne removal, weak acidity causes slight keratin loosening. Conducive to the absorption of active ingredients, the PH value can be about 4.5.


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  1197-18-8 Tranexamic Acid   66170-10-3 Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate  
  922165-31-9 Neosolue-aqulio   123-99-9 Azelaic Acid  
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  7402-28-0 1,4-Dipropionyloxybenzene   152312-71-5 Potassium 4-Methoxysalicylate/4-MSK  
  1077-28-7 A-Lipoic Acid   129499-78-1 Ascorbyl Glucoside/AA2G  
  305-84-0 Carnosine   69-72-7 Salicylic Acid/BHA  
  497-30-3 Ergothioneine   - Alpha Hydroxy Acid/AHA  
  175357-18-3 Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine/Sepiwhite MSH   83-86-3 Phytic acid  
  331-39-5 Caffeic acid   - Snow White  
  98-92-0 Niacinamide   - Giga White  
  90082-87-4 Plum, ext   - Glabridin  
  36062-04-1 Tetrahydrocurcumin   36062-04-1 Tetrahydrocurcuminoids  
  85-27-8 Symwhite 377/Phenylethyl Resorcinol   68797-35-3 Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate  
  922165-31-9 Neosolue-aqulio   19771-63-2 Procysteine  
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