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Plant Extract Powder

Beta Carotene

Type: Beta Carotene 3%
Form: Powder
Part: Dunaliella Salina
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Packaging: DRUM, aluminum foil bag
Place of Origin: China
Grade: Health-care products, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical

About Beta Carotene Powder:

          Beta Carotene 3% is extracted from Dunaliella salina which is a type of halophile green micro-algae especially found in sea salt fields. Known for its antioxidant activity because of its ability to create large amount of carotenoids, it is used in cosmetics and dietary supplements. Few organisms can survive like D. salina does in such highly saline conditions as salt evaporation ponds. To survive, these organisms have high concentrations of β-carotene to protect against the intense light, and high concentrations of glycerol to provide protection against osmotic pressure. This offers an opportunity for commercial biological production of these substances.

Product Name Beta Carotene Powder
Active Ingredient HPLC: Beta-carotene 3%, 5%,8% 
Appearance Orange Yellow Powder
Botanical Name Dunaliella Salina
Particle Size 98% pass 80 mesh
Shelf Life 2 Years


Beta Carotene 3% Prevente sunburn in people who are sun sensitive.FocusHerb Dunaliella Salina Extract Beta Carotene 3%
Beta Carotene 3% Keep a form of arthritis called osteoarthritis from getting worse.
Beta Carotene 3% Prevente bronchitis and difficulty breathing in smokers.
Beta Carotene 3% Reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women after menopause.
Beta Carotene 3% Reduce the risk of pregnancy-related death, night blindness, and diarrhea and fever after delivery in underfed women.
Beta Carotene 3% Prevente asthma attacks triggered by exercise.
Beta Carotene 3% Treat a tongue disease called oral leukoplakia.
Beta Carotene 3% Improve physical performance and strength in the elderly.





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