Item No.: Beta-Glucan
Chemical Name:  Beta-Glucan
CAS No.:  9051-97-2
Appearance:  Off-white to light yellow powder
Molecular Fomula:  C18H30O15X2

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Product Description

Beta-glucan (BG) is an oat derivative that provides anti-allergy, antiinflammatory properties to cosmetic products. BG is suitable for sensitive skin care, baby skin care and reactive skin care. Through the topical application of beta-glucan, the natural protection systems in the skin can be revitalized. This results in the reduction of skin sensitivity. Furthermore, the ability of the skin to repair itself will be enhanced, yielding healthier and more lubricous skin. 

Product Name Beta-glucan (BG)
Appearance Off-white to light yellow powder
Specification 99%
CAS 9051-97-2
Package 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 25kg/drum
Sample Available
Storage Dry Place
Shelf life 2 Years

Product Function

Hair care benefits:
• Enhances the strength of hair as it forms a natural moisture barrier.
• Reduces breakage and increases body and volume.
• Improves hair gloss.
• Enhances health of scalp.
• Provides the natural nourishment.
• Non-irritating if eye contact occurs.

Skin care benefits:
• Anti-aging, anti-Irritant, and non-greasy.
• Visible improvement in lines and wrinkles as it accelerates healing of wounds.
• Relieves sunburn, protects against UV light redness.
• Effective skin hydration.

Product Application

• Facial creams, facial cleansers and face masks.
• Sensitive and reactive skin care products such pre-and after sun exposure creams/lotions.
• Shampoo and conditioners.
• Make-up products such as foundations.
• Eye, body and hand creams/serums.
• Lip balms.

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