Carp Pituitary Gland

Product name: Carp Pituitary Gland
Other Names: Fish Gland
Applicaton: Fish Breeding
Form: White granules
MOQ: 1g
Usage: Home Exercise

                  Fish Spawning Artificial Extract Common Carp Pituitary Gland

The pituitary gland of carp is widely used in all kinds of fish because of its naturalness and harmlessness. When used on male fish, it can increase the production of fish. It is currently used in ornamental fish such as carp, grass carp, bighead and whitebait, catfish, migratory fish, blue catfish, tropical white sturgeon, freshwater shark, barracuda and other fish.

 Product Name:  Carp Pituitary Gland
 Appearance:   White gland
 Spec./Purity:   100% Natural
 Product Information:   Fish Breeding
 Brand:     Greenway Biotech
 Place of Origin:  Suzhou, China
 Shelf Life:  2 Years

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Product Function  

Technique of Breeding:

-The induced breeding operation of major carps is taken up when regular monsoon sets in, the fishes become fully ripe and water temperature goes down.
-Females having a round, soft and bulging abdomen with swollen reddish vent. On slight pressure on the abdomen, eggs will oozes out.
-A male breeder can be easily distinguished by roughness on the dorsal surface of its pectoral fins and males with freely oozing milt are for breeding.

Dosage of Pituitary Extract:

a) The dose of the pituitary gland is calculated in relation to the weight of the brooders to be injected.
b) A single high dose has been found useful when the brooders are in ideal condition and the weather is favourable.
c) Rohu seed production technologies responds well to two injections while catla and mrigal to both one and two injections.
d) An initial dose as a Provocative Dose at the rate of 2-3 mg. of pituitary gland per kg body weight of fish is administered to the female breeder only.
e) In case the condition of any one of the two males is not found in the freely oozing stage, an initial injection – Provocative Dose may be administered to the male at the rate of 2-3 mg/ kg body weight.
f) After 6 hours, a second dose of 5-8 mg/kg body weight is given to the female, while both the males receive the first or second dose at the rate of 2-3 mg/kg body weight.
g) Two males against each female make a breeding set. To make a good matching set, the weight of the males together should be equal to or more than the female.
h) Slight alterations in doses may be made depending upon the condition of maturity of the brooders and the prevailing environmental factors.
i) 1-3 pituitary glands are effective for a pair of fish.

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