Item No.: Catechin
Chemical Name: Catechin
MF: C15H14O6
MW: 290.27
CAS: 7295-85-4

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Product Description

Catechins have many physiological functions, such as eliminating free radical ratio in the body, anti-oxidation, inhibiting tumor growth, preventing radiation, antibacterial disinfection, reducing weight and blood pressure, reducing fragrance and poison, preventing AIDS, preventing cardiovascular disease and regulating immunity. It has been widely used in medicine, daily chemical industry, food and oil industry as a raw material of health food, natural cosmetics or antioxidant preservative of oil containing food.

Product Function

1. Free radical scavenging: Catechin is a natural oil antioxidant, which can remove free radicals produced by human body to protect cell membrane and slow down aging.

2. Prevention of tooth decay: Because tea contains fluoride, it can make teeth more resistant to acid attack. In addition, clinical experiments have shown that catechins can significantly reduce dental plaque and slow down periodontal disease.

3. Whole field function: Catechins can inhibit human pathogenic bacteria (such as Botulinum), and do not harm the reproduction of beneficial bacteria (such as lactic acid bacteria), so they have the function of intestinal integrity.

4. Antibacterial effect: It can inhibit the germs that cause human skin diseases, and has a good effect on the treatment of eczema.

5. Deodorization: Catechin can remove the odor of methyl mercaptan, so it can remove the bad breath of smokers, and reduce the odor of pig, chicken and human excrement.

6. Others: some studies have shown that catechins also have the functions of lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol (so they have the function of losing weight), anti radiation, anti mutation, etc.


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