Ellagic Acid

Type: Herbal Extract
Form: Powder
Variety: Pomegranate Peel Extract
Part: Peel
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Packaging: bottle, Drum, Glass Container
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Grade: Food Grade

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Ellagic acid, Pomegranate, (Punica granatum L in Latin), belongs to the family Punicaceae which includes only one genus and two species. Pomegranate Extract offers abundant benefits for the cardiovascular system by preventing damage to arterial walls, promoting healthy blood pressure levels, improving blood flow to the heart, and preventing or reversing atherosclerosis.
Pomegranate Extract may benefit people with diabetes and those at risk for the disease. It helps lower after-meal blood sugarlevels and protects the cardiovascular system from diabetes-induced damage.

 Product Name:  Pomegranate peel extract
 Botanical Source:   Punica granatum L.
 Spec./Purity:   40%, 90% HPLC
 Appearance:   Green Yellowish powder
 CAS No.:  476-66-4
 Partical size:  100% pass 80 mesh
 Shelf Life:  2 Years

Product Function              

1. Pomegranate peel is rich in polyphenolic compounds called glutinous substances, which can precipitate the protein on the surface of the wound, prevent infection and irritation of the wound, and promote wound healing.

2. Pomegranate peel has a good inhibitory effect on various germs and skin fungi. Pomegranate peel decoction can also inhibit influenza virus. 

3. The hemostatic effect of pomegranate peel is very good. Washing the eyes with water boiled with pomegranate peel can also achieve the effect of improving eyesight.

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