Natural Hinokitiol is presently stepping into the limelight thanks to strong antibacterial activity and antibacterial spectrum.
Hinokitiol is crystalline acidic compounds relatively much contained in Aomori Hiba. As other trees containing Hinokitiol, Taiwan Hinoki (Taiwan), Western red cedar (North America) are named, but Hinokitiol is not almost contained in Japanese Hinoki.
In 1936. Taiwan hinoki oil was isolated for the first time, and almost same period, a scholar of Sweden succeeded isolation of the same compound separately. In those days, it became a focus of attention due to having tropolone skeleton. Recently, the strong antibacterial activity and wide antibacterial spectrum of Hinokitiol have been revealed by Doctor Toshihiro Okabe at Aomori prefecture industrial test station, and a new attention has been focused.
Our company group has established the total manufacturing business of Natural Hinokitiol as achievements of "Tree extraction ingredient utilization business" sponsored by the auxiliary business at Forestry Agency starting with the year 1989, and we now freshly have started stable supply by a newly built plant keeping pace with widened demands inland and overseas and progress of newly application study development.

Product Name: Hinokitiol;β-Thujaplicin; 
CAS No:             499-44-5
INCI Name:       Hinokitiol
Origin:                Aomori Hiba Oil (obtained through water                                            vapor distillation of xylem and roots of Aomori                                    Hiba tree)
Specification:    Tropolone Content: 98%~105%      
                            Heavy Metals: 20 ppm max
                            Arsenic: 2 ppm max
                            Loss on Drying: 0.5% max
                            Residue on Ignition: 0.05% max

Stably supplies high quality and inexpensive products through our proprietary new technologies.

(1)This is high purity product (Natural product ingredients are only Hinokitiol) by our proprietary technologies.
We can supply relatively inexpensive prices.
(2)Hinokitiol have unusually wide antibacterial spectrum with low toxicity.
(3)This product can be used as storage/ antiseptic agents of foods.
(4)This product has the effects of sterilization, resolution and cell activity, and is being used for hair growth agents.
(5)This product also has the effects of ethylene controls production of garden stuff and respiratory depression.
(6)This product is finely dissolved (0.1 % or less) and soluble to alcohol, ester and hydrocarbon solvents.
This product has sublimability, and makes full use of antibacterial activity by vapor dispersion in the sealed space.

Effects of Hinokitiol against various mold, mild, mildew and fungus

Min. Inhibitory Concentration means the min. concentration of anti-fungus agent necessary for inhibiting growth of bacteria. The lower the value of MIC, the antibacterial activity effects against bacteria indicate high. (Numerical value=ppm)

Kinds of fungi Natural Hinokitiol Sorbic acid
Colon bacillus 20 2000
Bacillus subtilis 50 1000
Micrococcus pyogenes 100
Blue pus bacillus 200
Yeast 50 500
Black mold 50 2000
Rhizopus 10 1000

Antibacterial performance of Hinokitiol (Composition) against bacterial strain other than the above-mentioned (MlCppm)
Streptococcus 100 Trametes versicolor 25
Bacillus proteus 100 Strawberry derived saprophyte 100
Klebsiella pneumoniae 100 Freesia derived saprophyte 100
Welsh Bacillus 100 White root-rot fungus 50
Tyromyces palustris 25 Grape gray fungus 100

Product List
Product name Properties Physical properties Active ingredient content ratio
Hiba oil Yellowish oil 256295°C 2% or more (HT+R-D)
Hiba neutral oil Whitish oil Bp9O~12O°C/ltorr Thujopsis 60%up
Natural Hinokitiol Whitish crystalline mp50 52°C HT99.9%
Aomori Hiba distilled water Water solvents HT0.02%

Hiba oil contains isomer 0-dolabrin as one of main ingredients, but it has the same property as Hinokitiol including antifungal activity.

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