Matcha Powder


Bulk Supply 100% Organic Natural Pure Green Tea Matcha Powder
Green Tea matcha powder, as an health and nutrition product for thousands of years.It is rich in necessary nutrients for the human body, such as polyphenols, proteins, fiber, viatmins and potassium, calcium, magnesium,iron, almost more than 30 kinds of trace elements.
Matcha refers to finely milled or fine powder green tea. In modern times, matcha has also come to be used to flavour and dye foods such as mochi and soba noodles, green tea ice cream and a variety of wagashi. Matcha is a fine-ground, powdered, high-quality green tea.
Matcha contains rich nutrients and trace elements, the main component is tea polyphenols, caffeine, free amino acids, chlorophyll, protein,cellulose, vitamin C, A, B1, B2,B3, B5, B6, E, K, H,potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, zinc, selenium, fluorine, etc,nearly 30 kinds. 

Product Name: Matcha
Appearance:    Greenway Fine Powder
Grade:               Top Quality                     
Storage:             Dry Place
Shelf Life:            2 Years
Package:          1kg/bottle; 25kg/drum


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