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Plant Extract Powder

Mushoom Powder

Appearance:Brown Fine Powder
Drying Method::Vacuum/Spray Drying
Total Heavy Metals:<10ppm
Total Plate Count:<1000/g
Particle Size:100% pass 80mesh

About Mushoom Powder:

          Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus), also known as cinder conk, is a fungus in Hymenochaetaceae family. It is a parasitic fungus on Birch and other trees. And Chaga mushroom is sold as a medicinal mushroom in the health supplement industry. Chaga was evaluated for its potential for protecting against oxidative damage to DNA in human lymphocytes. The study found that the polyphenolic extract protected these cells against peroxide-induced oxidative stress.

Product Name chaga mushroom powder
Active Ingredient
Appearance Brown Fine Powder
Polysaccharide Content 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% ,50%
Shelf Life 2 Years
Tesh Method UV/HPLC
Latin Name  Phaeoporus obliquus; Fuscoporiaobliquus
Place of Origin China


1.Chaga mushroom powder are a powerful antioxidant and source of superoxide dismutase (SOD) which halts oxidation, especially free radicals like singlet oxygen responsible for damaging tissues
2.Chaga mushroom powder are a source of 200 + phytonutrients
3.Chaga mushroom powder contains significant amounts of riboflavin and niacin
4.Chaga mushroom powder contains B and D vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc iron and enzymes
5.Chaga mushroom powder, one of nature's riches sources of the minerals rubidium, potassium, cesium and germanium; everything the body needs to remain alkaline 
6.A great source of pantothenic acid which aids the adrenal glands and digestive organs
7.Chaga mushroom powder has been used for improving cognitive function and memory loss.



1. Applied in cosmetics field, chaga mushroom powder can be used as an active ingredient to be good for the skin.

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, chaga mushroom powder can be used for keeping body healthy.





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