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Plant Extract Powder

Seaweed Extract

Classification:Organic Fertilizer
Type:Humic Acid
CAS No.:68514-28-3
Other Names:Humi acids, potassium salts
EINECS No.:271-030-1
Place of Origin:China
Release Type:Quick

About Seaweed Extract Flake:

          Humic acid agricultural products series, heavy metal contaminated soil remediation series, and non-anti-feed additive series products.
        lignite and surface weathered coal dark black, bright, non-toxic, non corrosive , and easily soluble in water.
Potassium humate, Potassium fulvate, fulvic acid, humic acid +NPK, humic acid +Urea, sodium humate, amino acide, seaweed extract etc, it widly used In agriculture, fertilizer, feed, livestock and poultry, aquaculture, binders, mineral processing, etc.

Product Name Seaweed Extract
Supplier Greenway Biotech Co.,Ltd
Appearance Black Flakes
Specification 98%




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