Octyl P-methoxycinnamate

Item No.: Octyl P-methoxycinnamate
Chemical Name: Octyl P-methoxycinnamate
MF: C18H26O3
MW: 290.4
CAS: 5466-77-3

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Product Description

Octylmethoxycinnamate (INCI name), also known as octinoxate (USAN name), Eusolex2292, UvinulMC80 (trade name), is an organic compound used in some sunscreen products, lip balms and other beauty products. To absorb UVB in the sun and protect the skin from its damage, it is the most commonly used UVB sunscreen. It is a transparent liquid insoluble in water at room temperature.

There is a conjugated large π bond in the molecule of octyl methoxycinnamate. This conjugated structure can be regarded as the core of the benzene ring, one side extends to include the oxygen atom in the substituent methoxy group, and the other side extends to the double bond and ester group in the other substituent. This conjugated structure determines that the substance has the property of absorbing ultraviolet rays. Experiments reveal that octyl methoxycinnamate can absorb ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 280-310nm, and produce maximum absorption at 311nm.

Product Function

Isooctyl p-methoxycinnamate is one of the most commonly used sunscreens in the world[2], it has an excellent absorption curve of ultraviolet light at 280-310 nm, and has high absorption rate, good safety, and minimal toxicity. And it has good solubility to oily raw materials, so it is widely used in the fields of daily chemical industry, plastics, rubber and coatings. As an oil-soluble liquid UV-B absorber, it can be compounded with various sunscreens.

Isooctyl p-methoxycinnamate can be used to formulate skin care cosmetics such as sunscreen (cream, lotion, liquid), which can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun, prevent human skin from redness, sunburn, and ink, and is also a protective agent for photosensitive dermatitis. of therapeutic drugs. It can be used as an anti-aging agent and ultraviolet absorber for plastics and inks in industry.


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