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Product Info - 1,2-Pentanediol

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  Assay: 99%   Package: 25kg/drum   MOQ: 1kg
  CAS5343-92-0   MF:C5H12O2   MW:104.15

Other Name:

 pentylene glycol,1,2-pentanediol
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow pure liquid. The boiling point is 206°C, the density is 0.971 g/mL (25°C), the refractive index n20/D is 1.439, and the flash point is 104°C.
  Production process:

1. To prepare the intermediate 1-hydroxy-2-pentanone, in a closed reactor equipped with magnetic stirring, n-butyraldehyde, paraformaldehyde, an alcohol solvent, an alkali reagent triethylamine, and a catalyst 3 were added in turn. -Ethyl benzothiazole bromide, after the feeding is completed, the closed reactor is placed in a constant temperature water bath, protected by nitrogen, and reacted at constant temperature for a period of time to obtain 1-hydroxy-2-pentane

2. Add the intermediate product 1-hydroxy-2-pentanone, the catalyst Pd/C, and the solvent absolute ethanol into the reaction kettle equipped with a thermometer and a mechanical stirrer, vacuumize first, introduce a certain pressure of nitrogen, and empty it. The air in the reaction kettle was discharged three times in a row, and then a certain pressure of was introduced, and it was replaced three times in a row. Absorption, the reaction is basically completed, the temperature of the reaction kettle is cooled to room temperature, vented, replaced with nitrogen at a certain pressure three times, the kettle is opened to release the feed liquid, the catalyst is recovered by filtration, and the low boiling point components such as the solvent anhydrous ethanol in the filtrate are separated by a rotary evaporator. , and then distilled under reduced pressure at 20 mmHg to collect the fractions with a top temperature of 95 to 100° C. to obtain the product 1,2-pentanediol.
  Preparation: Use hexadecyl benzothiazole ylide reagent as catalyst, dodecanol as solvent, and catalyze 37% formalin solution as DHA. After reacting at 140 °C for 30 min, a 30.4% DHA aqueous solution was obtained, corresponding to a yield of 82%. While using cetylnaphthol thiazole salt as catalyst, triethylamine as cocatalyst, and ethylhexanol as solvent, the reaction was carried out at 100 °C for 30 min, and the yield of DHA could reach 77.9%. Formaldehyde was reacted with thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1 hydrochloride) as catalyst, triethylamine as cocatalyst, and N,N-dimethylformamide as solvent at 100 °C for 1 h. , the conversion rate of formaldehyde is 98%, and the selectivity of DHA is 89%.
  Application: An important intermediate for the fungicide propiconazole. Cosmetics have the following functions:
1. It is a moisturizing agent with excellent performance and has antiseptic effect at the same time. It can formulate products without preservatives and reduce allergies caused by preservatives;

2. It can improve the water resistance of sunscreen product formulations;

3. Dissolve insoluble active ingredients. It is used in various skin care products such as skin cream, eye cream, skin lotion, baby care products, sunscreen products, etc.

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Testing Method - 1,2-Pentanediol
Product Info - 1,2-Pentanediol
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