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Testing Method - 1,2-Pentanediol

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  Assay: 99%
  Package: 25kg/drum
  MOQ: 1kg
  CAS5343-92-0   MF:C5H12O2   MW:104.15

Other Name:

 pentylene glycol,1,2-pentanediol
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow pure liquid. The boiling point is 206°C, the density is 0.971 g/mL (25°C), the refractive index n20/D is 1.439, and the flash point is 104°C.
  Testing Method

3 Requirements

3.1 Appearance
Visually, this product should be a colorless transparent liquid.
3.2 Technical indicators
1,2-Pentanediol should meet the specifications shown in Table 1.
Table 1 Technical Specifications
Project Metrics
Moisture, w/% ≤ 0.3
Purity, w/% ≥ 99.0
Ignition residue, w/% ≤ 0.1
Chroma, Hazen ≤ 20

4 Test methods

4.1 General provisions
Unless otherwise specified, only reagents confirmed to be analytically pure and tertiary water as specified in GB/T 6682 are used in the analysis.
The standard titration solutions, preparations and products used in the analysis shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of GB/T 601 and GB/T 603 unless other requirements are specified.
4.2 Determination of moisture
According to the direct electricity method specified in GB/T 6283.
exact sample
Specifications: 99% Packing: 25L/barrel Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1
CAS: 5343-92-0 Molecular formula: C5H12O2 Molecular weight: 104.15
Quality Inspection
Weigh 2-5g (to the nearest 0.0001g) of sample.
4.3 Determination of Purity
4.3.1 Instruments Gas chromatograph: equipped with a hydrogen flame ionization detector, the sensitivity and stability of the whole machine comply with the relevant regulations in GB/T 9722. Chromatography workstation. Micro injector: 1 μL.
4.3.2 Chromatographic conditions:
Capillary column: KB-wax 0.53mm*0.50um*30m
Column temperature: 80 °C for 2 min, 15 °C/min to 230 °C for 8 min
Detector: 280 °C Aux I (Injector): 260 °C
Injection volume: 0.3ul
N2: 30 ml/min H2: 30 ml/min Air: 300 ml/min
End time: 20 minutes
Calculation method: area normalization method
4.4 Determination of ignition residues
Refer to GB/T 7531 for determination.
The sample weighs 10g (accurate to 0.0001g), and the burning temperature is 800 °C.
Take the arithmetic mean of the results of the two parallel determinations as the determination result, and the absolute value of the two parallel determination results is not greater than 10% of the arithmetic value of the two determination values.
4.5 Determination of chromaticity
According to the provisions of GB/T 3143.

5 Inspection Rules

5.1 Product factory inspection requirements
This product is inspected by the company's quality inspection department before leaving the factory to ensure that the indicators of the factory products meet the requirements of this standard, and the factory inspection report of this product is attached.
5.2 Product sampling and determination
5.2.1 Product sampling For sampling liquids in barrels, use a clean and dry sampler to conduct diagonal sampling according to the sampling number N n 1 (n = total number of packages). Sampling from the tank, use a clean and dry sampler to take random samples from the storage tank. The sample should be kept in a ground bottle or an aluminum bottle, and the bottle should be labeled with the product name, batch number, quantity, sampling date, and sampling date.
5.2.2 Result judgment
When all the indicators in the inspection results meet the requirements of this standard, the batch of products is judged to be qualified; if the inspection results show unqualified items, double sampling should be taken for re-inspection; if the re-inspection results are in the
If all the indicators meet the standards, the product is still judged to be qualified; but if there are still unqualified items in the re-inspection results, the batch of products is judged to be unqualified and the product cannot be accepted.

6 Marking, packaging, transportation, storage

6.1 Logo
The packaging container should be painted with a firm logo, indicating the product name, batch number, net weight, gross weight, production date, manufacturer name or paste the logo according to customer requirements.
6.2 Packaging
6.2.1 Iron drum packaging
It should be packed in clean, dry and firm iron drums or IBC drums, with a water cap on the mouth of the drum. The net weight of each drum is 200Kg, 1000Kg or according to customer requirements.
6.2.2 Tank car packaging
Use a clean and dry tanker, packaged in accordance with liquid chemical regulations.
6.3 Transport
Follow the regulations for the transportation of liquid chemicals.
6.4 Storage
6.4.1 Drum
Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place.
6.4.2 Canning
Store in airtight storage tanks.


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