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Introduction Action mechanism
Ectoin is a highly pure Ectoine developed through a professional fermenta- tion platform technology, with a high stability and safety profile. Ectoine is an amino acid derivative and belongs to the group of extremolytes. Tests prove that Ectoin has remarkable protective and repairing effects, helping the skin resist against external pressure. Ectoin can be widely used in personal care products such as repair, anti-pollution, sun care, anti-aging products and color cosmetic products.
Ectoin is easy to form hydrogen bonds with water molecules because of its great electronegativity. So Ectoinenhances the association of water molecules, makes water molecules orientate around them forming protection shells around cell membranes, DNAs, enzymes, proteins and other biomolecules, which is called "Kosmotropic eect".
Ectoin promotes the association of water molecules  Protection shell around protein
The molecular formula and electron distribution diagram of Ectoine Water molecule Ectoin Water molecule Ectoin Protein


INCI name: Ectoin
Appearance: White or off-white crystals or powder
Recommended dosage: 0.1%-2%
Usage: Can be added directly to aqueous phase
Application: Skin care products, hair care products and color cosmetics. It brings functions of anti-stress, repairing, anti-inflammation, sooth- ing, moisturizing and anti-aging.
Protection & Anti-stress
Improves cells anti-stress ability and resists external pressure Protects Langerhans cell and enhances skin immunity function Prevents damage from UV and visible light
Human skin cells produce heat-shock proteins (HSPs) when exposed to external stress like sun-radiation or other physical and chemical stress factors. When the cells were stimulated by heat, the expression of HSPs increased rapidly and gradually recovers to the normal level. The higher the final expression of HSPs, the more intense the stimulation was. Skin immune system activation mechanism UV or visible light radiation can damage the DNA in skin cells to varying degrees, causing cancer in severe
In  normal skin,  Langerhans  cell  (LC)  can capture antigens and selectively induce the activation and proliferation of skin resident regulatory T cells to maintain normal skin immune   tolerance.   UV   irradiation   can reduce the number and density of LC and their ability to present antigens, resulting in a weakened skin immune function.
All the tested concentrations showed a highly significant level of photoprotection against UVA/visible light and visible light with a dose-response relationship. At 0.1 mM, the photoprotection   levels of visible and UVA/visible  irradiations  correspond  to  92.7%  and 68.9%.
The tests showed that UV   irradiation damaged  Langerhans  cells and reduced their activity.  After the treatment with Ecotin,  the damage was significantly reduced. Compared to the positive control group, 1% Ecotin increased cell activity by 10.5% after 6 hours.  
The experimental results showed that the heat tolerance of cells  was  improved  after  the  treatment with Ecotin.
Compared with the positive control group (CTR+), the HSP72 expression was signficantly reduced.
Repair & Anti-aging
1.Highly hydrophilic with long-term moisturizing ability
The test results showed that Ectoin can significantly increase the skin moisture content and has long-term moisturizing eects. After 1 hour of use 2% Ectoin cream, the skin moisture increased by 43.7%. After 4 weeks  of continuous use 2% Ectoin cream, the skin moisture increased by 50.5%.
2.Repairs UV damage to skin cells The test results showed that Ectoin had significant repair effect on cell damage caused by UV radiation, and the repair effect increased with the increase of concentration.
3.Promotes the production of collagen and resists aging The test showed that a low concentration of Ectoin can signicantly  improve the activity of broblasts, stimulate the proliferation of broblasts, and promote the synthesis of collagen. 10m/gml Ectoin can increase the synthesis of collagen by almost ve times.

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