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Product Name Hinokitiol / B-THUJAPLICIN
INCI Hinokitiol
Cas No. 499-44-5
Formula C10H1202
Molecular Weight 164.2
Purity >98% (UV)
Standard GB/T 22731
Brand Imported Brand
Appearance White to pale yellow crystals (powder)
Odor Phenolic and woody
Starting materials Lohan tar and American cedar oil
Melting Point 48 - 52.5
Boiling Point 140/10MMHG145-147/ 12MMHG
Index of Refraction 1.607
Density 1.904
Solubility It is easily soluble in ethanol, ether and benzene, but not in petroleum benzene. The solubility in water at 20 ℃ is 0.59g/l
Stability It is easy to form complex salts of various specific colors with heavy metal ions such as iron and diamond. Hinokiol decomposes under light, especially ultraviolet light, but its salts or complexes are relatively stable.
Antibacterial activity Shows antibacterial properties at low doses and has a broad antibacterial spectrum against common bacteria and fungi.
Drug resistance Long-term use of the same concentration of hinokitiol, the effect is still significant. Unlike common antibiotics, hinokitiol can be used as an adjunct to treat infections without the undesirable side effects of mutated drug-resistant strains
Features Versatile and high purity
Application 1. Shampoo (antidandruff, antipruritic, hair growth)
2. Shower gel (antibacterial, antipruritic)
3.Toothpaste, tooth-health products (remove bad breath, antibacterial, repair gums)
4. Whitening sunscreen products
5. Acne products

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Product Info | Hinokitiol


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