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Procyanidins (OPC) are internationally recognized as effective natural antioxidants for scavenging free radicals in the human body.

Their antioxidant capacity is 50 times that of vitamin E and 20 times that of vitamin C. Apple polyphenols contain up t

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Product Description

Apple polyphenols are a kind of natural products with unique physiological and chemical activities, which have good convergence and adhesion. It can maintain the synthesis of collagen, inhibit elastase, help the body to protect collagen and improve skin elasticity, so as to avoid or reduce wrinkles, and maintain the delicate appearance of the skin. It is usually added in cosmetics, bath solution, hair dye, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. as an active ingredient, which plays multiple roles such as anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti radiation, whitening and moisturizing. It has unique effects on skin aging, wrinkles and pigmentation caused by various factors. In addition, phenolic substances can be used to prepare vitamin C or vitamin E polyphenol compound whitening agent because they can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and catalase and eliminate active oxygen. From the cytological point of view, Finnish university scholars have found that when human skin tissue is exposed to ultraviolet energy for only 30 minutes, sunlight kills about 50% of the cells. With the addition of oligomeric proanthocyanidins, about 80% of the skin cells will not be damaged, and it has better ultraviolet absorption compared with vitamin C.

Product Function

1. Natural antioxidant
Apple polyphenols have a super scavenging effect on DPPH and hydroxyl radicals, and their antioxidant activity is stronger than other plant polyphenols; The ORAC testing company found that the antioxidant activity of Haisheng apple polyphenols was stronger than that of apple polyphenols on the market.

2. Weight control
Animal experiments showed that apple polyphenols could inhibit gene transcription of fatty acid synthesis and inhibit adipose tissue accumulation in vivo. In addition, the clinical study found that the fat content in human body was significantly reduced after taking 600mg of apple polyphenols every day.

3. Protection of cardiovascular system
Scholars have found that apple polyphenols can enhance the liver's function of cholesterol catabolism and inhibit the blood's absorption of cholesterol, and can also reduce the content of triglycerides in serum, which has a significant role in reducing blood lipids and protecting cardiovascular system.

4. Anti allergy
The cell experiment showed that apple polyphenol could inhibit the release of histamine from rat basophils, which was helpful to treat bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, skin allergy and other diseases. Clinical studies have also confirmed that long-term use of apple polyphenols can significantly improve sneezing, turbinate hypertrophy and other diseases.

5. Oral Care
Apple polyphenols can inhibit the activity of glucosyltransferase of streptococcus and porphyrimonas on teeth, thus preventing the formation of dental plaque. In addition, oral chewing gum containing apple polyphenols can significantly inhibit the production of methyl mercaptan, thus preventing bad breath.

6. Whitening
The proanthocyanidins contained in apple polyphenols can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, which is the key enzyme for melanin synthesis by skin melanocytes. Inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase can reduce the content of melanin and achieve whitening effect. Therefore, oral or external use of apple polyphenols can have whitening and skin care effects.


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