Item No.: Collagen
Chemical Name:  Collagen
CAS No.: 9007-34-5
Appearance:  Off-white Powder
Molecular Fomula:  /

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Product Description

       Fish collagen peptide is a kind of high molecular functional protein. Collagen is the main component of skin, accounting for 80% of the skin dermis. It forms a fine elastic net in the skin, which firmly locks water and supports the skin. The regeneration rate of collagen digested by gastric juice in human body cannot be verified. Among them, ACMETEA belongs to the world's top collagen protein, which is the most abundant protein in animals. It belongs to insoluble fibrous protein, and is also a type of extracellular matrix, mainly found in connective tissue.

Most of the collagen extracted from fish scales is from tilapia, because tilapia mainly grows in high temperature and fresh water waters, and its vitality is relatively tenacious. Under artificial breeding conditions, it grows much faster than wild deep-sea fish, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials for fish to extract collagen, and is also a popular fish collagen.


Product Name Collagen
Appearance Off-white Powder
Specification 99%
CAS 9007-34-5
Package 1kg/aluminum foil bag; 25kg/drum
Sample Available
Storage Dry Place
Shelf life 2 Years

Product Function

1. Water locking and water storage: The LOC elastic mesh three-dimensional water locking system of long-acting oligopeptide collagen will release a large number of water locking groups for 12 hours to firmly lock the water supplied in the body to form a "dermal reservoir".

2. Anti wrinkle and anti-aging: collagen can repair the broken and aged elastic fiber mesh, and reform the skin tissue structure to stretch wrinkles; In addition, it can also eliminate free radicals in the body, resist oxidation and slow down skin aging.

3. Smoothing fine lines and eliminating red blood silk: Collagen can quickly fill the collapsed tissue after entering the dermis and tighten the skin to enhance elasticity and smooth fine lines to prevent and eliminate red blood silk.

4. Spot lightening and freckle removing: Collagen can make cells connect more closely, accelerate metabolism, promote dead skin peeling, prevent melanin deposition, and make skin white and freckle free.

5. Whitening and beautifying skin: Collagen can inhibit the production of melanin and prevent melanin deposition to achieve the purpose of whitening.

6. Repair the dark circles and bags under the eyes: promote the microcirculation of the skin around the eyes, strengthen the metabolism of the eye skin, moisturize it, and keep water to improve the bags under the eyes and the dark circles under the eyes.

7. Body building breast: Collagen is the main component of connective tissue, and elastin and polysaccharide protein interweave into a network structure to produce a certain mechanical strength to support the sagging breast, making the breast straight, plump and elastic.

8. Delivery and postoperative healing: blood fibers are generated by biochemical reaction between platelets and collagen to block the wound; It can also stimulate cell division and proliferation, and repair damaged cells to heal wounds.

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